Volta Greentech

Battling Global Warming by Reducing Methane Emissions Generated by Cows

An Introduction to Volta

Our Vision

Volta’s vision is to battle global warming by reducing methane emissions from cows generated by enteric fermentation. By making cows release less methane, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in going sustainable.


Farmers add Voltas 100% natural feed supplement as 1-2% of the cow’s daily diet and the methane emissions are reduced by 60-80%. The seaweed’s bioactive compounds trigger a process in the cow’s digestion system inhibiting the production of methane without affecting the cow’s health.

Large Scale Seaweed Production

Our team and partners are developing methods of producing Aspararopsis taxiformis at large scale.

Farmer's Reward

Farmers get rewarded for fighting global warming by receiving a return on their investment. By going more sustainable, new revenue sources are enabled for the farmer.