Battling global warming by reducing methane emissions from cows

Our mission

Reduce methane emissions from cows

There are 1.5 billion cows on the planet that together burp out 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s 2x more emissions than the world’s fleet of airplanes. Bill Gates recently said that if cattle were a country, they would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions.

Volta Greentech is on a mission to work with the beef and dairy industry to reduce emissions to mitigate global warming. By providing farmers with the means to drastically reduce the methane emissions produced by dairy cows and beef cattle, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in going sustainable.


A fully natural seaweed-based feed supplement for cows

Volta Seafeed is a feed supplement which when fed to cows at a daily dose of 100 grams reduces methane emissions by up to 80%. The feed is based on a mix of red seaweeds and include natural bioactive compounds that block one of the enzymes that microbial methanogens in the rumen use to produce methane. This eliminates the majority of the methane gas the cow burp out and unlock more energy in the form of hydrogen and carbon, that previously was used to produce the unwanted byproduct methane. This increase the animals wellbeing and productivity.


Volta Factory

Volta Greentech is developing a scalable, sustainable and automated land based seaweed cultivation system - tailored for the selected species of seaweed that are key ingredients in Volta Seafeed. Land based systems enables optimization of temperature, light and nutrients to maximize the growth rate of the seaweed, while ensuring a high and standardised quality of the feed supplement.

Volta Factory 01 is planned to be up and running early 2022 with a capacity of feeding 12 500 cows with Volta Seafeed daily. By improving the efficiency of the production systems by optimizing growth rates and quality, the very same factory has the potential to increase its capacity from 12 500 to 100 000 cows. Volta Factory 01 will be powered by 100% clean electricity and industrial waste heat. Just like any land plant, seaweed grows through photosynthesis - this means that in addition to reducing methane emissions, the seaweed produced in Volta Factory 01 will annually be able to absorb 1 000 tons of CO2 (3 800 ton CO2 after the efficiency improvement).

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