Production Engineer

There are 1.5 billion cows on the planet that together burp out 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s 2x more emissions than the world’s fleet of airplanes. Volta Greentech is on a mission to work with the beef and dairy industry to reduce emissions to mitigate global warming. By providing farmers with the means to drastically reduce the methane emissions produced by dairy cows and beef cattle, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in going sustainable.

At Volta Greentech, we believe that with the right team, we can change the future. For success, it is crucial to recruit world-class experts and highly driven individuals who want to join our mission.

As a Production Engineer at Volta Greentech you will be a core team member in Volta Greentech’s manufacturing team. That means you will be designing and building up large-scale factories to enable the production of Volta Seafeed that will transform the food industry. We are a tightly knit team, and you’ll work together with our founders, business team and R&D team in developing all manufacturing aspects.

Volta is a new company, in a fast-changing environment. The company will evolve, and your role, responsibilities and deliverables will change with it.

- Work closely with R&D and Engineering team on development of Volta Greentech’s production blueprint to ensure excellent production results optimized for low-cost, high output production
- Design, build and improve Volta Greentech’s production blueprint including systems for upstream treatment of water, bioreactors for cultivation, downstream processing and automation of production
- Be heavily involved in the designing, engineering and buildup of Volta Greentechs pilot factory in Lysekil, Sweden and future factories
- Lead / assist in recruitment of key team members

Key Skills:
- Degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science or similar
- Purpose driven and experience of working in a startup
- Experience of taking manufacturing from prototype stage to large scale production
- A working knowledge of a wide range of food and bio manufacturing processes
- Track record of having excelled at designing and building up high performing production lines
- Problem solving: you thrive in change, learn fast and view challenges as growth opportunities
- Excellent execution: you get things done, fast and with high quality
- Team player: you believe a good company starts from within, and act accordingly
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills and are a hard working, self-motivated individual.
- A skilled prioritizer
- You are a builder who are not afraid of getting your hands dirty

If you are ready to take on some of our generations greatest challenges and feel that you are the one we are looking for, please send us your CV and a personal letter to

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